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Nantong Su Xi machinery manufacturing co., LTD

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术 Telephone: 18252871773

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E-mail: manager@ntsxjx.cn

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术 Contact: Mr. Zhang

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术 Address: 62 haian county of jiangsu province bridge port road

Company Profile
Nantong Su Xi machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in the economically developed Yangtze river delta is the most developed city in China - nantong haian, the main production machine, hydraulic machine, shearing machine, bending machine, hydraulic punching machine, open-book leveling line type, LNG production line, bending machine, sheet molding equipment production line, the production of equipment sold to Europe and the United States and southeast Asia countries, is deep user's sure. Scientific management, mature technology, reliable quality, broad market, make it become the industry leader in jiangsu province.
In order to "quality assurance, variety and development" principle, implement ISO 9001:2008 international quality system certification, strict supervision of the contract, the drawings of product design, product processing and manufacturing and final assembly and debugging; Every detail, every link have related quality supervision, never let go of a defect. My company pays attention to strengthen the cultivation of talents, constantly improve products and develop new products, make our products "based on jiangsu, understanding the world".