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Nantong Su Xi machinery manufacturing co., LTD

Telephone: 18252871773

Fax: 0513-88618018

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术 E-mail: manager@ntsxjx.cn

Contact: Mr. Zhang

Address: 62 haian county of jiangsu province bridge port road


Company tenet

People-oriented, honesty pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, repay society.

Our tenet

Reputation first, user first, quality, delivery on time, is willing to work with your sincere cooperation, hand in hand.

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术 Service tenet

Warm reception of the old and new customers, know exactly what the customer needs; Strict quality process control, ensure contract delivery cycle; Timely quality tracking, rapid processing quality objection.

The quality objective

With superior to domestic and international standard factory control standards, to meet customer expectations and requirements for product quality.